Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving? More like Thanksfornothing!

Thanksgiving is my least favorite mainstream holiday; it just doesn't do a lot for me. Halloween means candy and carving pumpkins, and Christmas means giving gifts and mistletoe, Fourth of July you see fireworks, and Arbor Day means planting a tree (ok, maybe not a major holiday but still better than Thanksgiving).

Thanksgiving means eating turkey (which is the reason I stopped eating meat in the first place), and pie (which I can take or leave); I do like mashed potatoes, though. Most importantly, Thanksgiving also gets in my way of celebrating Christmas earlier; I have to wait until it has passed to start baking cookies and candies.

Hopefully you can understand why I haven't made the trip home for Thanksgiving in three years. Sometimes people think this is sad, not understanding my indifference to this holiday.

Freshman Year was understandably mediocore. It was my first Thanksgiving on my own, and I thought that buying mashed potatoes at the Dollar Store would save me a few dollars. It did, but the entire days meals consisted of two bites of said "food" and one kiwi. I've since learned not to buy real food from the Dollar Store.

Sophmore Year
was mostly skateboarding the streets of Ghost Town Provo.

Junior Year
will be Beka and Brandon visiting, skateboarding, real food, and homework.

So my nontraditional Thanksgivings have obviously improved over the years. Perhaps someday I'll learn to love this day of gluttony, but probably only when they move it so that it no longer interferes with my Christmas Festivities.


beka said...

yes! i got mentioned in your first post! consider your blog... stalked!

T.R. said...

Thanksgiving does not prevent Christmas from coming earlier. At least not for Smith's.

T.R. said...

whoa, you're on blogger.

Michelle 2021 said...

I get real close to holding-up-convenience-stores-angry when people play Christmas music on days prior to the last second of Thanksgiving Day.
But I do enjoy Thanksgiving for no-school purposes. And having a good reason to tell my family how much I love them by getting to the pecan pie first.

Heather Feather Weather said...

Thanksgiving should be amazingly exciting this year without meat. ha, ha, dopamine! I told my mom to make cheese lasagne. Housing... I'm moving into this great house in the next month, may or may not live there next year. Who knows. Any ideas? We should live together. I vote yes.

allyson elizabeth said...

T.R., Thanks for noticing

Michelle, You do bring up a good point, maybe I actually do like celebrating Christmas by myself before everyone gets all crazy and holiday-rushed.

Heather, a couple ideas and yes we should. Then maybe we'd see eachother sometime.