Friday, December 1, 2006

A perfect moment in a flash of light

My walk home last night was cold. Very cold.

I knew it would be, because it's now habit to let a big, long gush of air rush out my mouth and predict the weather for me. If I can barely see it, I know the trek will be tolerable. But when I can see so much that I feel like a train, I try to brace myself for the worst.

Walking south of the Wilk, I notice that the houses on the mountain look like little gingerbread houses; it should be on a Christmas postcard sent somewhere warm and snowless. Then some guy says, "Good evening" to me. I know he was being polite, but honestly who says good evening? The British, butlers, and Count Dracula.

The BYU Smokestack intrigues me. I watch the steam rise from it and wish for the zillionth time that I had some rappelling equipment to climb that tower. Back to how cold I am. This, for some reason, makes me think of Russia circa whenever the Anastasia movie was made. Would I wear those funny hats and do that funny dance? Probably, because it sound so much warmer than I am now. My lower jaw is moving up and down faster than a Camaro on hydrolics.

I pass J Dawgs, and wonder if they'd let me stand for a few minutes in exchange for my iPod, or my left hand (since I'll obviously lose it to frostbite anyway). Then I continue on my path home. I always choose the side of the street that's icy because the sun never really hits it; I've been walking this path for more than a year, and yet I still can't get it right. No falls today, good day.

The last few blocks home, thinking of warm soup keeps me going. I get my keys ready 5 minute early so there's no delay in getting in. I can practically feel the warm lights, and the foot tall tinsel tree in our living room.

The point is it was cold.

(It's also the first day of December and I love Christmas and I just ordered this and am really excited to make candies and give out presents and hugs).


T.R. said...

again, tea.

Heather Feather Weather said...

Yay for the Sufjan Box Set. I'm jealous.