Monday, May 7, 2007

Dreams and bruises

I have nightmares. Wake-up-sweating-screaming-scary-crying-zombie-spider-evil-clone nightmares. I generally need another person to calm me down. This isn't always through words, sometimes it's merely the idea that someone is more real than whatever I was just experiencing.


I had one last night. I was at home in bed, and I just woke up from a relaxing sleep. Something tickled my feet, and I looked down to find several little insects crawling around. This was gross, but I managed to simply brush them off. Until I noticed many more taking their places and then realized that they weren't insects, they were teeny-tiny spiders. Almost cute if they weren't so revolting. I jumped out of the bed and had to know where the source of spiders was coming from. So I threw off the blanket and saw it - a pulsating mass of legs and pure evil. In the center was the momma spider, and all her little minions.

I woke up to my convulsing body, instinctively drawing my feet up to my chest to protect myself from the spiders at the foot of my bed. I have no roommates, so I've been finding other people to spend the night. Knowing my friend was in the other room was somehow very comforting, although I did sleep curled into a ball for the rest of the night.

So maybe having someone in the house helps me re-establish my sense of "reality". But here's the weird thing: today at work in my boss' office, a large spider crawled out from underneath the chair. And was believed to be pregnant.


Amy said...

oh my! poor little allyson!

heathen said...

Ick! I hate bug dreams. And they're always crawling on you too. Sometimes I find real spiders in my room multiple times a day. Where do they come from?!