Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yesterday at work I came back from my break to find an official looking document that read:

Food Allergies/Intolerances hedgehogs, imitation crab. Reactions : hives at itching to both.

No colon between "intolerances" and "hedgehogs" made me think that maybe hedgehogs was a dietary term, somebody "dodging" or "hedging" an allergy. Like the patient from the psych unit who is "allergic to everything related to a cow." It was too bizarre to take a face value.
But it's not.

And at 7 in the morning, unable to sleep, I'm still wondering: in what capacity did this person think that hedgehogs were involved with the food? As an ingredient? A chef? Or perhaps we use a pack of them to pull the carts and deliver trays to the patients' rooms? And also, when did this person discover that a hedgehog gave them hives if they ate it?


Rachael said...

who on earth would ever want to eat him???


allyson elizabeth said...

I bet David the Gnome helped him.


Anonymous said...

I've had hedgehog a number of times (remember I lived in Ohio) and never had an allergic reaction.

M is for... said...

thank you for blogging.

Beka said...

Um i don't know about being allergic to them or eating them for that matter, all I can say is that they are pretty adorable!



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as in "Why Ally(son)" LOL

erin said...

Are they from Missouri? Because then it would totally make sense. A retirement center here serves beaver meat, not even out of necessity apparently. It's legal as long as the paws and tail are attached, so you know it's beaver and not something weird.