Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So far selling the contract at our apartment has been less fun than I anticipated.

Before I explain, I should say that I believe stupid people will always be stupid. Jon argued that they can go to school, but I don't mean uneducated people, I am talking about stupid people. There are people who can go through all sorts of school and still be stupid. Like the girl in one of my senior dietetics classes who asked, "Wait, the Jews agreed to the experiments the Nazis were going to perform on them?" This missed the point of our lesson. And the Holocaust.

So one girl yesterday asked if it was okay they could not move until August. I said unless you are willing to pay the two months rent, not really. Then she asked me a BUNCH of questions and wanted to come see it. So then she came over with her fiance (his name is Lane which I think sums up them). They looked around....and then the stupid questions began.

- Does the refrigerator stay (it matches the stove and have you ever known anyone in provo to bring a fridge with them?
- What stays with the house (which isn't stupid but was a question)
- Is this chandelier yours? (this one floored me. The large chandelier that is clearly part of the house, looks antiqued, and is a chandelier.)

I wanted to tell her that yes it was ours, along with the wood flooring that rolled up and the walls as well, so they would need to bring their own.


Brittany said...

You have something against Lane's!!!!

I hate stupid people..... I never showed our apartment to anyone because I was sick of the stupid questions, thankfully a person I know wants the apartment and they live in Texas!

Rachael said...

You forgot to tell them they had to supply their own source of electricity and water. That is leaving with you guys.

Brittany said...

above girl was looking at our apartment... I am sorry but I saw her blog and then wanted to die... she made sure to tell me tons of details about her wedding which I didn't care to know, in her first email. I do know she is getting sealed the same day as us at the same temple, I hope I don't run into her.. no offense, but she is crazy!

Amy said...

What about the ceilings? I saw this really cute set at Ikea, but I totally won't buy them if this roofing option is staying.

allyson elizabeth said...

They are out of luck with the whole "top" thing. We are taking the ceiling and the neighbors upstairs are taking their floor too.