Monday, March 22, 2010

Dating or finding a job, the steps

1. You see someone (a position) you like

2. You decide on what way to best approach (apply)

3. You convince them you would be perfect together (for the job)

4. They accept and you go on a date (interview)

5. Depending on how many people (applicants) they are seeing (interviewing) at the time, you may go on multiple dates (interviews)

6. They either ask to become exclusive (offer the position) or are just not that into you (are just not that into you)

7. If step 6 does not go well, begin again at 1

8. If step 7 if reached multiple times, become slightly depressed. After a few more times, become more depressed

9. As step 8 is repeated many times, become cynical


M is for... said...

Finally. Thanks

my ghostwriter said...

10. Bleach your hair and up the cleavage quotient and try again.

allyson elizabeth said...

Oh, Amy, I like it!

Sarah and David said...

Uggh! Trying to find a job has been so frustrating for David! We understand!

Adult dating UK said...

Haha, great post!
11. If all goes well for years and you get married (promotion), it could happen that after some more years you get separated. ( fired!). :D