Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Spam

Y old Reinhardt, smitten with an admiration as unconcealed for the
beautiful stranger. In the interval before the arrival of the later
members of the quartet, he fluttered
around her like
an ungainly old
moth, racking his scant English for complimentary speeches. These
were received by Aunt Victoria with her best calm smile, and by
Professor Saunders with open impatience. His equanimity was not
restored by the fact that there chanced to be rather more general
talk than usual that evening,
leaving him but small opportunity for his tete-a-tete.
It began by the arrival

of Professor Kennedy, a little late, delayed at a reunion of the
Kennedy family. He was always reduced to b

This came from Quirke Dieken (which I'm pronouncing Quirky Deacon), and I honestly need more. The way it just cut off mid sentence is killing me.

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Sarah and David said...

Haha! This stuff is so bizarre!