Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Humorous blogs I read - and you should too?

Blog:The Bloggess
Type: Personal humor blog
Also: A lot of adult language/themes, hilarious

Blog: XKCD
Type: Math/physics/nerdy humor comic
Also: A little adult language;themes; hold your cursor over the comic for author commentary

Blog: Message with a Bottle
Type: A stay-at-home dad writes messages on Post-It notes to keep sane
Also: Some adult language and themes

Blog: To Be to Mars
Type: Personal humor blog
Fave: Like, all of them
Also: Great

Blog: Verbal Vomit
Type: Personal/pop culture humor
Fave: and
Also: Weird pictures, totally worth it

Blog: Hyperbole and a Half
Type: Hilarious
Also: I laugh so hard I cry

Blog: Hipster Hitler
Type: Just what sounds like
Fave: Most all of them
Also: Just go


Meg said...

You're the greatest.

Shannon said...

I like Pioneer Woman, although her blogs are often about ranching life but also hilarious and with interesting recipes too. Love (more of a collection of pretty pictures that lead to recipes/blogs) and

Jimi the Saint said...

Thanks for the tip on funny blogs to follow. Hopefully mine will make your next list. Http://

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