Thursday, December 28, 2006


Today was the kind of day that eaves you writhing in emotional pain on your bedroom floor while making the most guttural and inhumane noises and whining about how horrible your day was, and being sad about missing friends and weddings and parties and then watching "Bridezilla" on TV to remind yourself that lots of people can be grouchy like you but that you hope you'll never be a huge bee-yatch like those ladies on TV and then you eat for the first time in forever and it tastes so good and then you watch some more TV and plan trips to Europe and Guatemala and then blog about it.

At least that's how I deal with days like today. T


cate said...

I hope there was no chocolate involved because then you might begin to resemble a "Kathy" comic, which I would wish on no one. But I think that ending on the note of Guatamala might exempt you from any afore mentioned associations, even with chocolate. Let us hope so.

T.R. said...

what is it about the 28th? mine was the same (minus bridezilla).