Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Unsung Heroes of the Winter Season

In this season of love and thankfulness, I've been thinking about the people who don't get thanks - or at least not enough. This is the list I've come up with

1. Whoever cleans the snow off cars in car lots - That's hard work, and without them how would you stick one of those large novelty bows on your Christmas gift? I can imagine whoever does it...
...his biceps rippling 'neath the ripped sleeves that barely cover his bronzed shoulders; the coat he wore to work has long since been flung aside. He flips his thick, long, golden locks from his sweaty forehead and trudges onward in his thankless work. (This may or may not be loosely based on what I imagine a romance novel would be involving this guy - he hooks up with the single mother buying a minivan later).

2. The Elves and Mrs. Clause - From all of my research, which includes encyclopedias, wikipedias, and Claymation Christmas movies, these people do most of the work. I know Santa is the figure head, the leader, the Post Master General of the operation, but really who does all the work? It's like thinking that the Post Master General does all the sorting, delivering, of mail - and he doesn't. I asked Robert, my mailman, about it, and he assured me that really that guy is a lazy son-of-a-gun. It's true.

3. Policemen and Kind Strangers - I've seen to encounter a plethora lately, which is a nice contrast to this. Yesterday my car got stuck in a gutter, and then three strangers stopped to push me out. At Costco, when I locked my keys in my car, the policeman was nice to me and invited me to sit in his car while he unlocked it for me - this was greatly appreciated in the subfreezing weather. He was quite grandfatherly.

4. I'm going home.

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Heather Feather Weather said...

Do you know what I think of when I think of romance novels? How you've got a little "thanks" in the romance novel your friend's mother wrote.