Friday, February 2, 2007

Sir, that is erroneous on five accounts

It was a dark and stormy night, and I was on a mission. I was going to Thirsty Thursday, where I hoped to find some scenesters, some hipsters, and some margaritas. I was interested in this people who are part of the "801 Underground," a group that promotes parties and DJs. Specifically, I wanted to find out exactly what they were like - would they accept me as one of their own, without skinny jeans and crazy bangs? Would my music be obscure enough not to be mainstream, but not too obscure to be alienating and condescending?

What I did find was that if a red curb is covered in snow, you can still get towed. And if you do get towed, it will cost $121. And if you want to see the video documentation of the curb being "visible" you can't, only the appeals committee can. And all this might be lame, but you would still get a good "Picture-of-the-Day," and a "Provo-Parking-Enforcement-is-Ridiculous" Story.

And you would also learn that there are people who will call the management, fight for your rights to not pay, and hug you. All before realizing that your name isn't Amy, it's Allyson.

The point is that while I started out the evening looking for the ways these people were deviant and elitist, I found people willing to go out of their way for a near stranger. Revive your faith in the human race! Only one low payment of $121!

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heathen said...

Oh no! Parking tickets/traffic violations = no good. Especially when the curb is snow-covered. :(