Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Exquisite Taste

I had a horrible experience at The Eleven (7-11) tonight.

There was a rack of caramels of an assorted variety (licorice, mocha, butter pecan) with a sign that proclaimed these candies were for "those with exquisite taste." I didn't want any caramels because I wasn't in the mood.

Then I started worrying about what people would think of me - maybe they didn't know that I wasn't hungry and they would think that I didn't have exquisite taste. And I was especially worried about the cute guy behind me because he might question the exquisite-ness of my taste, and then he wouldn't want to ask me on a date because he wouldn't want to marry someone who doesn't have taste that is as unexquisite as mine. Even Raj seemed to be juding me.

In the end I bought enough caramels to last a large family until I graduate. Come enjoy them if you have exquisite taste like I do!


Balizane said...

I think I burned my taste buds off..

fuzzy florals and hummus said...

i bet they aren't vegan. raj is just judgemental. but i think you took the virtuous path. way to go.