Monday, August 6, 2007

In 60 Years

My grandparents met when my grandpa's brother was dating my grandma's roommate. The other couple broke up, but my grandparents started dating. He was from Idaho and she was from Wisconsin, but they met in the Golden State - California.

I don't know how long it took, but they decided to tie the knot, jump over the broom, get married. The two of them drove from Cali to Reno, and looked up an LDS bishop. He met them at the local church, but they didn't have two witnesses so they snagged a couple men playing tennis at a nearby court. The bishop told them they weren't doing it the "right way" and to get that done ASAP.

Five to six years later, my grandma had been baptized and they were sealed in the Idaho Falls temple. They looked up the Reno bishop, but he died a year earlier.

My grandpa is a bit senile now. He can barely play games with the family. He listens to my grandma's commands to "close your eyes and go to sleep," or her gentle suggestions that he "sit down because you've been standing for so long on your bad hip." In turn, when we played Imaginiff she thought he'd be a koala bear because he's "so cute and cuddly."

In my immediate future, I'd hope for adventures, passion, sarcasm, and excitement. The thrill of doing something new with someone new, someone I'm just getting to know. But in 60 years I'd like to be where they are. Comfortable, loving, and with a bit of the adventure, passion, sarcasm and excitement we had in our youth.


Amy said...

In 60 years, if you and I haven't found That Person, can we fill each others' voids?

Andrew said...

Are those your real grandparents (you wouldn't believe how quickly I wrote that comment).

allyson elizabeth said...

Oh, Harold and Mary are all mine.