Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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The Relief Society president dropped off a flyer at our house last week. It had ribbon, cutsey font, and polka dots and without much deductive logic one could figure what it was announcing: a girl in the ward was getting married, and there was a bachelorette party. I didn't give it more than the polite glance one gives things when the flyer distributor is standing right in front of you.

I managed to get out my iron clad excuse, "Oh, well my cousin is getting I won't be in town anyway." I told her I'd give my roommates the information, although I knew they wouldn't be going because none of us are..."active" in our ward.

Yesterday I looked at the flyer, still on our bulletin board along with star ornaments stolen from last year's ward Christmas party and notes demanding payment for utilities long past-due. All the information was in place, including the date, location, and theme.

The theme? Wedding Night. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just about the point of a bachelorette party. It seemed like announcing that the them of the wedding was marriage, or that the funeral's motif would be death.


heathen said...

Wedding night - classy. Giving a bridal shower invitation to everyone in your ward regardless of whether you're friends with them or not - also classy. What have we resorted to?!

Balizane said...

Oh I agree with everything Heather just said!

fuzzy florals and hummus said...

i want everyone to wear gold lame at my funeral and blast diana ross and the supremes.
the theme=disco night. zing!

Amy said...

what exactly -does- 'wedding night' even *mean*???