Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just a thought

Have you ever given a cashier a Sacajawea or silver dollar, and they think it's a quarter and tell you that you didn't pay them enough, and then you point out that it's a dollar not a quarter and then they look ashamed?

Sometimes that's a good feeling


Rachael said...

You do like to make people look/feel ashamed..

Balizane said...

hey so i changed my blog.... to a different address..

just fyi

T.R. said...

this is the time of year where I see sacajawea dollars more than any other. people give them to me while I am out busking. but last night I chose the Salt Palace as a venue during an ACN convention. I got some business cards, $2.25 Canadian, $1.50 Hong Kong, and $25 US.