Monday, February 11, 2008

Morning conversation

- Hey, you should probably get up now.
- I don't need to get up now, I still have over an hour left. That's like a hundred minutes.
- Is it? That doesn't sound right.
- Yeah, is.

Half an hour later

- Uh, it seems kinda late now. Shouldn't you get up now?
- Forty five minutes? It takes maybe twenty to get ready.
- I think it takes longer.
- Fifteen to shower, two minutes to get dressed, one minute to get food, and a couple minutes for make up. I might be able to do it in even less.
- I think you're under estimating..
- Shh shhh shhh.

Thirty minutes later

- Fifteen minutes?? How did I sleep so late? How did my alarm not go off? I'll never get ready in time. I hate mornings.

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