Thursday, March 6, 2008

Typical questions

When people ask me "How's the wedding going?" I know that they are just making small talk. Very few people want to hear the intimate details of the labels I plan on making for the food at the reception - generally I don't even want to think of it. But when they ask me that questions, here are a few of my responses:

- It's great.
- It's going well.
- Everyone has been so nice.
- It's completely changed my life. Them: Really. Me: No.
- I don't know, I haven't been thinking about it too much lately.
- I'm engaged???
- He's actually planning all of it. Them: Really. Me: No.
- Well, I've never planned a wedding before so as far as I'm concerned I've finished everything.

Some of these responses may not make me look like the blushing bride-to-be that I certainly try to portray. But then again, circumstances can only change your genetics and parent's influence so much. In response to that questions my mom has said:

- I have more pressing things to think about.

She also told me that she might strangle the next person who asks her, well-wishing as they may be.

We're open to any other suggestions about responses to this and other everyday and mundane questions.


Brittany K Lane said...

I really really enjoy having people ask me "Why is your engagement so long" and "Why aren't you married yet"

Its fun... I don't know what to say them!

You should fine people everytime they ask!

Rachael said...

Or just get married already. Sheesh. Problem solved.

Ashley & Josh said...

i feel your pain

cattle ranch dressing said...

if people ask you how the wedding planning is going just look at them blankly and say "it would go much smoother if you carried your weight of the work" brush past them and smile to yourself.