Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blog change

As it turns out...I'm getting married. In about a week, give or take a few days.

And I've noticed a lot of people have "married people" blogs. And I thought about a few of them...Jon-n-Allyson.blogspot.com, ilovemyhusbandjon.blogspot.com, kissmejon.blogspot.com...and a few others I've thought of but won't post due to being inappropriate or single.

After mulling it over I have decided not to change. Why? Well, here are my reasons:

1. Jon doesn't have a computer.
2. I don't want to change the general attitude of this blog by changing it or its name. The general tone will still be the same, although I doubt I can keep out some of the idiosyncrasies that marriage and a committed relationship bring.
3. Although married I do plan on keeping my "personal identity." Although I will not longer have my own room, car, phone, kitchen, bathroom, bank account, this I do claim for myself.
4. Jon has no interest in being a blogging team, reading blogs, being mentioned in blogs, or talking about most blogs.

For these reasons the blog will remain the same. I hope to be more interesting, have more adventures, and try to refrain from boring others by drooling (grammatically) over my new casserole dish.


Brittany K Lane said...

but you love your dish!?

cate said...

This is all very well but that is not going to stop a lot of "married friends" you are going to meet from here on out from refering to your blog as "Jon and Allyson" or something like unto it. Truth be told it is a common problem I face in this institution but alas I have decided that marriage is worth it.

Beka said...

I have a lot of issues with the "Mr. & Mrs" blogs. I mean everyone is different but I applaude you on keeping your identity.

Hey remember when you got married on Saturday? That was a good time. Have fun in NY!

kaitlyn.e said...

every time i come to your blog i cry because it is so cute

Brittany K Lane said...


I also miss Allyson... you say when and I will show up at your apartment... which may be on 700 e or 700 w... haha but seriously i miss your face