Friday, October 10, 2008

The kinds of people who shop at Joann's

While perusing fabric on Joann's website, I wondered how it would be used. Some comments read:

I used my fabric to make a medieval reenactment tunic, hood and cape. It has a nice "period" look, without costing an arm and a leg! The fabic has a really nice drape to it. I was very pleased and would love to see this fabric in a bunch of colors!!!!! And LOTS of it, as most medieval costumes take a lot of fabric!


I've used this fabric for summer cloaks. It hangs beautifully. It does not look cheap as some broadcloth cloaks do. It is well worth it. It exceeded my expectations.

Really? I don't know if I'm more upset about making a cloak or wearing it in the summer.

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Amy said...

i love you more than so much. and a significant hole in this the cosmic fabric of our hearts occurs when we don't interact.