Saturday, October 18, 2008


This will be Jon's first contribution to this blog. Here's his story.

While at work I was talking to a friend about the election and she confessed to know little. I told her that I thought we had two of good candidates running for office and that she should do some research to make an informed choice. About ten minutes later I heard her conversing with a nurse, a mid-thirties blonde, about politics. The nurse exclaimed in vehement sincerity several of the following points:

  • Did you know every year Hillary Clinton is invited to the meetings of the secret international organization, the Elitists?
  • Did you know that Hillary Clinton helped embezzle drug money and that hundreds of her associates are either missing or have been killed in assassination style attacks?
  • Did you know that McCain divorced his wife and married a stripper?
  • Did you know Barack Obama went to a Muslim school from ages two to twelve?
Now rife with terror my friend asked, “Where can I look this up?”

Confidently the nurse replied “”

Well...check it out.

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