Monday, August 10, 2009

What is wrong with kids?

Don't get me wrong, I like them (as a general rule) but all the kids in my primary class seem to be taking psychotropic drugs. These kids are far out.


We talk for half an hour about responsibility. Mostly how you can be responsible. Simple things like making your bed. And taking care of your cats or dogs. Maybe being nice to your family.

When I asked them to draw a picture of something they are responsible for:
one girl drew a picture of her grandma as a clown (to be fair, she kept repeating that she wasn't sure how to draw her eyes because her grandma wears glasses - the "clown" things might have been a compromise).

This same little girl has also told me that her cat went to:

1. cat heaven
2. cat school (don't worry, dog heaven and dog school exist for dogs as well)
3. "god mountain where I don't want her to get hurt because there are soldiers and I don't want her to fight them"

Another time a little girl said she was sleepy, and then would let her head droop and droop until she stood up and started dancing in the middle of class. I asked her to sit down and she said, "I am dreaming that I'm dancing."

Jon came into class one time to tell the kids its important to listen to your parents because once when he didn't listen to his parents, he sliced his finger. After he left one little girl giggled (think Children of the Corn) and said "your husband needs to stop cutting his fingers."

It's also intriguing to see the interesting words they use. One girl uses "because" ubiquitously instead of other words. Such as, "because my sister turned 8 because she got baptized because it was before Sunday because...."

Coloring and games are quickly becoming the building blocks of our classes. They need something to stop their little synapses from exploding all over the room.


Rachael said...

our go-to is hang man. but after awhile they get tired and are like "this is too haaaard" and i'm like "all you have to do is say letters? how hard is that?"

Amanda said...

When my husband and I taught primary (3 year olds), one girl would always hide under a chair and scream "Banana, banana, banana" nonstop. And another boy would jump up in the middle of the lesson and start singing and playing Life is a Highway on his air guitar. Good times.