Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ways in which I am afraid I will die

1. Freak car accident - thinking logs flying off the truck in front of me and crushing me. This fear is thanks to a Reader's Digest article and Twister.

2. Falling down stairs - I count stairs so I pay more attention to them. I have not yet found a set of stairs with 13 steps, but when I do it may be that one that does me in.

3. Home invasion - for countless years I've had nightmares about people breaking into where I live. Since I often cannot distinguish reality from dreams, after waking up I spent the next 20+ minutes trying to determine what is real.

4. Spider bites - perhaps my most reasonable fear, based on the movie Arachnophobia.

5. Falling in the shower - as my bones become more fragile and brittle this may move higher up on the list.

6. Unknown genetic disorder - too many medical classes.

7. Falling off a cliff - I have poor depth perception and vertigo.

8. Attacked by dogs - as a rule I'm not scared of dogs, but I was bit by one earlier this year and can't help but think it's one of the ways I would least like to go.

9. Assassinated by bugs - I once read a Goosebumps story about a boy who tortures the ants in his ant farm and when he throws them out they come back and cover him while he's sleeping and then when he screams they flood into his mouth and drown out his dying screams; I've said some horrible things to the roaches we've found in our house.

10. Jon killing me - this is something I joke about with Jon. Although I don't really believe he would hurt me, he is just so crazy sometimes that I don't know what could happen. I had a dream as a freshman in college that a magician had turned all my friends into clones that were trying to kill me, and the Jon clones were the most terrifying. This magician is the same one who haunted my dreams as a child and turned my stuffed animal against me.


M is for... said...

I spend a good deal of my day suspecting that i have cancer. Every bruise and bump I assume is malignant.

Caitie said...

a staircase in my house has 13 steps. thanks for not letting me get that out of my head ever again.

raquelita said...

as you well know, i've fallen down too many flights of stairs to be truly afraid of it killing me.

for number 7, be sure to never visit the grand canyon. and be sure never to read their book on all the people who have died falling into it.

sven said...

i'd say jon might be the most dangerous way to go. and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

gray vans are extremely seductive.