Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Curtis's family is very Southern."

This what Mylene (ME-lin) said to us as she invited us over to their house for Thanksgiving. Curtis is her husband and his family will be there. Everyone in our ward has been very welcoming, and not in the creepy "new meat" sort of way that often happens in wards.

Despite that, food is still a tricky issue because Meat is King. Green beans are made better with fatback, people snack on pork rinds, and when you hear someone's family is "very Southern*" that means good ol' home cooking [and hopefully not racism, like the man in the hospital who told me he was pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone in the hospital was - even the black people].

Myelene is very friendly and we accepted without reservations but some anxious anticipation at what kind of game plan we will employ to avoid embarassment and ridicule. Jon has planned on not eating meating to show his solidarity, although he did ask to have gravy. We'll see what interesting stories our Southern Thanksgiving yields for posterity.

* I should also say that from my experience "very Southern" also means exteremly hospitable and very considerate drivers, along with many other good traits.


raquelita said...

you are supposed to be not liking South Carolina. i boycott this post.

tallia said...

okay i miss your links because they provided me with websites i could get to with one hand (while nursing a baby/saving the world with the other) now i will have to make my own. jon wants to visit you guys in south carolina, but he told me not to tell you that because he only met you guys once or twice and that is weird.

cate said...

I love that MYlin. That reminds me of the old days when I was working with 75 percent hispanic names at the elem school. Lizbeth reprimanded me on more than one occasion - IT'S pronounced LEEZBET MRS SWEEEEENEY!