Thursday, May 5, 2011

Late night is difficult time for me. Things I've thought in the past 5 minutes:

- what do I need to do tomorrow?
- what time do I need to get up tomorrow?
- I should go to bed
- what if I've developed a taste for blood?
- am I a horrible friend?
- I should bake a cake
- should I write a blog about this?
- I should rename all my boards on Pinterest with clever names
- If Jon is already asleep, will he really know if I don't brush my teeth?
- Will Jon read this and realize he is a major contributor to my dental hygiene?


Meg said...

I don't understand Pinterest. Please help.

allyson elizabeth said...

Pinterest is a way to not only tell people how great you are, but you can visually show them what amazing taste you have. I'm addicted.