Monday, April 11, 2011

How To: Erase your Library Fines

Tonight after my fitness boot camp, and before a trip to the grocery store, Jon and I stopped by the library to grab a movie. We were browsing the selection when a woman came up to me and said, "you've won the prize for best t-shirt." I looked down and realized I was wearing my "I Heart my Public Library" t-shirt; I own only two shirts with any writing on them (my body is not your billboard=). She told me that the librarians liked it so much they would forgive my library fines, and asked for my library card. I looked over to the circulation desk to see a trio of nodding, smiling librarians. Two minutes later, all $6 of my fines were obliterated.

Completely flattering picture of me, after working out. I am pumped that this shirt just paid for itself.
I should start wearing my "I heart vegetarians" t-shirt around town. Maybe someone will give me some free veggie burgers.


mildred said...

Yes yes yes! That is a wonderful idea. Just don't wear one of those "free love" t-shirts that I've seen twice in the last month. Outcome equals no good.

allyson elizabeth said...

That is very sound advice.

amanda jane said...

this is the best story i've heard all week. amazing.

cate said...

Love it! What an inspiration you are - If only all our "stakeholders" showed such enthusiasm as yourself:)